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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Blogovision 2018: Στο #2 του Γεράσιμου RMFTM & 10,000 Russos – RMFTM & 10,000 Russos

Free from any sort of structure or direction, the result of this pairing is an intense, jarring collection of deranged industrial freak-outs that make Einstürzende Neubauten sound like Depeche Mode. Painting a dreary image of barren, polluted landscapes in the dystopia we seem so desperate to hurtle towards, on this record RMFTM and 10,000 Russos have laid out a terrifying, cerebral soundtrack for the end of times whilst simultaneously asserting that both bands are some of the finest within the dark, murky underbelly of experimental music. From the pulverising guitars, metronomic beats and industrial synths, to the droning Tibetan bowls and buried vocal chants, the album jerks between intense metallic fury and psychedelic hypnosis. Perhaps the best example of this is ‘A Song To Get Rid Of Crooked Crosses’, a fifteen-minute transmission that captures the power and expansiveness of the album perfectly; heavy, repetitive and droning, throughout its running time the crushing instrumentation on the track slowly works its way into a throbbing sonic assault (


No.03. Daughters – You Won’t Get What You Want
No.04. Gas - Rausch
No.05. Deafheaven-   Ordinary Corrupt Human Love
No. 06. Jon Hopkins - Singularity
No. 07. Thou -Magus
No. 08. Chris Carter – Chemistry Lessons Volume 1
No. 09. Throw Down Bones –Two
No. 10. Sumac – Love In Shadow
No. 11. Ancient Methods –The Jericho Records
Νο. 12. Uniform- The Long Walk
No. 13. Terence Fixmer – Through the Cortex
No. 15. Rhys Fulber - Your Dystopia, My Utopia
No. 16. Bambara – Shadow on Everything
No. 17. Unhuman - Devour Wrath Without Shame
No. 18. JK Flesh – New Horizon
No. 19. Adam X – Recon Mission
No. 20. Preoccupations – New Material

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