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Monday, December 17, 2018

Blogovision 2018: Στο #4 του Γεράσιμου ο Gas και το Rausch!

The option is there for you to own Rausch, Wolfgang Voigt’s sixth full-length recorded under the name GAS, on vinyl. The hour-long suite of ambient and experimental electronic music is spread out over two LPs on the recent release from his long-time label Kompakt. Great as it may sound, breaking this music up in any way will only diminish its overall impact, breaking its spell for short stretches, just as you’re about to reach nirvana.
Heard as one unedited gush, Rausch is a thing of wonder. The experience, especially played through headphones or a great pair of speakers, is overpowering to the point of overload. Voigt starts off slow, with string and horn drones swarming together in a Ligeti-like sunrise. As it moves forward, more sounds and the 4/4 pulse of a kick drum come into view. They don’t necessarily complement what Voigt has set up. They instead move around the edges like counter-rhythms or little intrusions that refuse to let up. (


No. 05. Deafheaven-   Ordinary Corrupt Human Love
No. 06. Jon Hopkins - Singularity
No. 07. Thou -Magus
No. 08. Chris Carter – Chemistry Lessons Volume 1
No. 09. Throw Down Bones –Two
No. 10. Sumac – Love In Shadow
No. 11. Ancient Methods –The Jericho Records
Νο. 12. Uniform- The Long Walk
No. 13. Terence Fixmer – Through the Cortex
No. 15. Rhys Fulber - Your Dystopia, My Utopia
No. 16. Bambara – Shadow on Everything
No. 17. Unhuman - Devour Wrath Without Shame
No. 18. JK Flesh – New Horizon
No. 19. Adam X – Recon Mission
No. 20. Preoccupations – New Material

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