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Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Χιλή 2014 - Κυκλοφορεί το ''Nicolás tiene dos papás'' που σήμερα διανέμεται δωρεάν στα νηπιαγωγεία

                                                   On the distant edge of the continent wide,

Where Chile's spirit and passion reside,

Avaton tonight takes flight, bold and free,

To Santiago, where a soul awaits, you see.


Domingæ Garcia Huidobro stands strong,

Queer frontperson of Föllakzoid's song.

Daring and bold, breaking barriers wide,

In the heart of Latin America, side by side.


Together they journey through the vibrant streets

To demonstrate for love where two worlds meet.

LGBTQIA2S+ rights, their noble cause,

Defiantly dancing, breaking unjust laws.


Frontman or frontwoman, a label to transcend,

In the realm of music, identities blend.

Föllakzoid's notes echo, a powerful sound,

In the heart of Santiago, freedom is found.


V, the album, a beacon of trance,

Dark techno rhythms, a hypnotic dance.

Notes weaving stories of strength and pride,

As they march for justice, with love as their guide.


Streets come alive under the night sky's gleam,

As Föllakzoid's rhythms fuel the dream.

A celebration of love, a kaleidoscope of light,

In Santiago, they dance, fierce and bright.


Avaton and Domingæ, a fusion so rare,

A journey of passion, a fervent affair.

In the rhythm of V, their voices unite,

For the LBTQIA+ community, they ignite.


So let the beats echo through the Chilean air,

As they dance for love, with courage to spare.

In Santiago's embrace, under the moon's gentle sway,

They write a new chapter, a powerful display.

Στο 8 Föllakzoid και V

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