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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Blogovision 2023: Στο 18 Μιά μέρα με τον Tim στο Los Angeles της Χιλής


In Los Angeles, where Bio Bío flows,

A day unfolds, where magic gently grows.

From Sopaipillas' crispy delight,

To La Piojera's beers, where locals unite.

The morning sun paints the city's embrace,

As footsteps dance with a rhythmic pace.

Sopaipillas, golden and warm,

A street food delight, a culinary storm.


Along the river, stories unfold,

Of Patagonia's tales, both brave and bold.

Sharp reefs and wild waves, a landscape so grand,

A reminder of nature's masterful hand.


As evening descends, the city takes flight,

With music's allure, under the moon's soft light.

La Piojera beckons, with laughter and cheer,

Where locals raise glasses, their hearts drawing near.


The rhythm of beats, a pulsating beat,

Leads the way to Club Clinic, where music's retreat.

Tim Hecker's tunes, an electronic embrace,

His album "No Highs," a sonic space.


In Los Angeles' heart, where music and spirit reside,

A day comes to end, with memories to abide.

The magic lingers, a Chilean delight,

A place where dreams dance, under the starry night.

Στο 18 , Tim Hecker και No Highs

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