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Thursday, December 14, 2023

Ένα μπουκάλι Sahara Red, acid και μπάλα στο ασπρόμαυρο Παρίσι

                                                   From Algiers to Paris, a journey of sound,

Where East meets West, a vibrant bound.

Acid Arab, the fusion maestros,

Their music bridges cultures, erases borders.


Algerian gasba, Anatolian trance,

Synthetic dabkeh, bionic raï's dance.

A tapestry of sounds, a symphony so bold,

Their melodies ignite, stories unfold.


Through collaborations and travels grand,

They've sampled the world, with an open hand.

From Morocco's dunes to Cairo's allure,

Their music weaves magic, ever pure.


Breaking boundaries, genres defying,

Acid Arab are pioneers, forever vying.

With every beat, they transcend and soar,

A fusion of cultures, forevermore.


Oh, Acid Arab, your music's a spell,

Uniting hearts, where borders fell.

From Algiers to Paris, the world's your stage,

Your melodies ignite, with vibrant rage.


So let the music play, let the rhythms ignite,

Acid Arab's legacy, shining ever bright.

A fusion of souls, a connection so true,

In their music we find, a world anew.

Στο 7 Acid Arab και  ٣ (Trois)


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