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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Blogovision 2023: Στο 15 από το Academy Records της Νέας Υόρκης στα σύννεφα του Buenos Aires. Με τον Πρίγκηπα


In Buenos Aires' skies so vast,

Where clouds like cotton castles cast,

Dwelt Avaton Kortez, a dreamer's soul,

Amidst the heavens, his spirit whole.


Sufjan Stevens, the Sad Prince of grace,

In Academy Records found his place,

A party for his Javelin's flight,

Music and joy, a starry night.


As music filled the air with glee,

A sudden gust, a wild decree,

A sharp air stream, like javelins thrown,

Swept Sufjan up, where stars had flown.


High above the earthly realm he soared,

Through clouds of cotton, dreams explored,

Till he met Avaton, the cloud-bound sage,

Whose heart with Neil Young's melodies engage.

Upon the clouds, they gently lay,

As sunset's hues lit up the day,

Sufjan's voice, a whisper soft and low,

"Will Anybody Ever Love Me?" so.


Avaton listened, eyes serene,

To Sufjan's plea, his soul's ravine,

In the vast expanse, their voices blend,

Two hearts entwined, till twilight's end.

Στο 15 ο Sufjan Stevens και το ''Javelin''

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