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Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Χάος, pints και βρώμικο στο σπίτι ενός άγνωστου δίπλα στη Hacienda

In Manchester's vibrant heart, where music takes its stand,

Avaton strolled, a soul with spirit untamed.

Through Hacienda's labyrinthine halls he wandered,

Amidst the echoes of a night that danced and pondered.


Suddenly, a melody, a voice so clear and true,

"Souris, souris, souris, souris," it pierced the air, so blue.

Avaton turned, his eyes wide with delight,

To find the source of this enchanting night.


A stranger stood there, arms outstretched, a grin so wide,

Inviting Avaton into his humble abode inside.

Through a doorway they ventured, into a haven of warmth,

Where laughter and chatter filled the air and filled the form.


Avaton's thirst grew, an insatiable thirst,

As he joined the stranger in this underground work.

The man produced a bottle, its liquid dark and deep,

A local brew, a secret kept.


They poured, they drank, their voices rising high,

Their laughter echoing through the night, beneath the city's sky.

The black pudding, greasy and savory,

A local delicacy, fueling their revelry.


Outside, the city buzzed, a cacophony of sound,

As people ran in the streets, their voices echoing around.

"Souris, souris, souris, souris," they chanted with glee,

Their voices blending, a chorus, a vibrant harmony.


But within the haven, peace and camaraderie reigned,

Avaton and his newfound friend, their spirits unrestrained.

Throughout the night, they revelled, their spirits unbound,

In this impromptu gathering, where joy was found.


The turntable spun, Mandy, Indiana's melodies,

Their anthems of chaos, a symphony of glee.

Avaton's spirit soared, his heart ablaze with fire,

As he sang along to the band he held so dear.

Στο 9 το χαοτικό '' I've seen a way'' των Mandy, Indiana


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