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Monday, December 7, 2015

To #14 του @yerasimos: Ricardo Donoso -– Saravá Exu (Denovali Records)

''It’s a completely unpredictable and dark journey 
with brief moments of light respite from a claustrophobic creepy listen''

''The album narrates a period of exile during which the Boston-based Brazilian composer strove to examine himself as well as the connections to both his past and the collective unconscious. This period, symbolised as a ‘Descent’ to the fiery depths, was channeled through the rituals of an Afro-Brazilian religious cult, Quimbanda. It is Quimbanda whence the ‘exu’ of the title derives – exus being male spirits of substantial power; ‘sarava’ seems to be another phrase of African origin, meaning ‘good luck’''.

ΥΓ: Και σαν να μην μας έφτανε αυτό έβγαλε και άλλο καταπληκτικό άλμπουμ το 2015:

14. Ricardo Donoso - Saravá Exu 

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