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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Το #9 του @yerasimos: Ø [Phase] – Alone in time? (Token)

The London artist releases his second album with Token. Once again, he’s turned in a brand of extraterrestrial techno that gets more intriguing and exciting on every listen. As opener Spacialize shows, no times is wasted in getting right into the corkscrew beats and throbbing modular palpitations. There are moments of spaced-out euphoria, flashes of piercing darkness and even moments where the upper-limits of scratchy, warped techno are explored. It’s an engrossing and immersive sophomore effort from the London producer – still a quiet contender for techno’s top table. (Bleep)

ΥΓ. Πρέπει να το ακούσεις

9.  Ø [Phase] – Alone in time? 

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