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Monday, December 11, 2023

Χορεύοντας στα Βουνά του Μολύβδου جبل الرصاص

     In the heart of Tunisia, where shadows dance,

A melody emerged, a bold advance.

Deena Abdelwahed, a musical sprite,

In the underground, she found her light.


In outskirts' clubs, where whispers met,

Her beats broke chains, a rhythmic set.

Not for the elite, but for all to hear,

Deena's tunes, a rebellion near.


Affordable entry, drinks not steep,

In this haven, the rhythm ran deep.

A DJ's quest, uncharted terrain,

To echo stories, break the chain.


Through the speakers, echoes of the past,

Dominant cultures, fading fast.

Tunisian streets, now alive with sound,

Deena's beats, a force unbound.


She weaved through tunes, untold and rare,

A symphony that filled the air.

Not merely unheard, but a tale untold,

A musical journey, brave and bold.


History framed by notes and beats,

In Deena's world, each rhythm repeats.

References made to cultures unknown,

A musical tapestry, uniquely sown.


Her hands on decks, a magic spell,

In tunes and tales, she'd always dwell.

A passion burning, fierce and bright,

In every note, a rebel's fight.


Deena Abdelwahed, a soul profound,

In Tunisia's heart, a rhythmic crown.

Through the underground, she found her way,

A musical journey, a night's ballet.

Στο 10 η Deena Abdelwahed και το '' Jbal Rrsas ج​ب​ل ا​ل​ر​ص​ا​ص''


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