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Friday, December 8, 2023

Blogovision 2023: Στο 13 Στην Σανγκάη oι άπιστοι φοράνε Πράσινα Καπέλα

                                                  In the realm of music, where sounds entwine,

Tzusing's Green Hat, a journey defined.

From China's storied past, a tale unfolds,

Of love, betrayal, and stories untold.


The green hat, a symbol of shame,

A mark of infidelity, a burning flame.

In the dance of rhythm and pulsing beat,

Tzusing unveils the truth that's bittersweet.


The male's insecurity, a burden to bear,

The societal norms that men must adhere.

From patriarchal norms to possessive desires,

Tzusing delves into the depths of their fires.


With sonic intensity, he pierces the soul,

Unveiling the dissonance, making it whole.

The dancefloor becomes a platform to speak,

Where outsiders unite, their voices to seek.


From funky hard drums to uptempo's glee,

Tzusing's music, a vibrant symphony.

From filial endure to ruthlessness's sting,

The album's evolution, a musical king.


In the depths of fear, where minds race and twist,

Tzusing's Green Hat, a masterpiece that persists.

A symphony of sound, emotions entwined,

In this dance of chaos, where truth is enshrined.

Στο 13 ο Μαλεσιανός Tzusing με την πειραματική ματιά του στην ιστορία της Αρχαίας Κίνας και τις επιρροές της στη σημερινή κουλτούρα και τις συμπεριφορές σχετικά με την έρωτα και την πιστότητα, το 绿帽 Green Hat


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