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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Blogovision 2023: Στο 16 Τα Δέντρα Mιλάνε στην Tucson

Amidst Tucson's embrace, where saguaros stand tall,

A symphony of nature, a cinematic call.

TREES SPEAK, with music as their guide,

Unveil a tale of the Sonoran stride.


Beneath the azure sky, where cacti stand proud,

A journey unfolds, with whispers so loud.

Ancient spirits awaken, their voices entwined,

As nature's orchestra begins to unwind.


Through canyons so deep, where shadows reside,

Echoes of legends, in melodies glide.

The desert's heartbeat, a rhythm so true,

In TREES SPEAK's music, it finds its hue.


Mesquite trees whisper secrets untold,

Their rustling leaves, a story unfold.

Prickly pears dance, their colors so bright,

As the desert's magic takes flight


Underneath the moonlight, a shimmering glow,

The Sonoran Desert, a mystical show.

Stars twinkle above, like celestial guides,

As TREES SPEAK's music through the desert rides.


Coyote howls echo, a haunting delight,

As the desert's embrace holds the night so tight.

TREES SPEAK's melodies blend with the wild,

A symphony of nature, pure and unstyled.


In every ripple, in every breeze,

TREES SPEAK's music finds its release.

A cinematic journey, a tale so grand,

Where nature and music intertwine hand in hand.

Στο 16 οι Trees Speak και το Mind Maze

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