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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Blogovision 2023: Στο 19 για Gospel στις πιάτσες του New Haven στο Connecticut


Beneath New Haven's arches, where shadows reside,

Walks Reverend Kristin, with secrets inside.

A trans soul, a warrior, a voice so clear,

Amidst the city's pulse, her spirit draws near.

Her pen, a conduit, her hymns take flight,

Words that echo with passion, a lyrical light.

In gospel's embrace, her soul finds solace,

A symphony of faith, in every musical solace.


"Trans rights are human rights," her motto resounds,

A clarion call, where justice abounds.

With resilience and grace, she fights for the just,

A champion for equality, her voice never rusts.


Reverend Kristin, a beacon so bright,

In Connecticut's tapestry, her spirit takes flight.

A trans soul, a warrior, a hymnist so true,

Her legacy shines, in everything she does.

Στο 19 '' SAVED!'' και Reverend Kristin Michael Hayter

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