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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Blogovision 2018: Στο #13 του Γεράσιμου Terence Fixmer – Through the Cortex

Through The Cortex comes during a fruitful period of Fixmer's career. The best tracks showed a new range of the producer's creative possibility. "Dance With Comets," for example, is bloodthirsty like EBM but heady like techno, built around a violent synth sequence that causes insanity. This kind of energy and inventiveness characterizes Fixmer's recent club records. And overall, they're simply more exciting than what's here. Through The Cortex sets out with different intentions—less drums, more synths—which results in a classy album. If only it had more attitude. After all, Fixmer's most memorable music is the kind that shouts through the noise. ( 


No. 15. Rhys Fulber - Your Dystopia, My Utopia
No. 16. Bambara – Shadow on Everything
No. 17. Unhuman - Devour Wrath Without Shame
No. 18. JK Flesh – New Horizon
No. 19. Adam X – Recon Mission
No. 20. Preoccupations – New Material

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