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Friday, December 14, 2018

Blogovision 2018: Στο #7 του Γεράσιμου, Thou – Magus

Funck is thinking about identity — "the sacred ego, that wellspring of individuality and unique complexity," as written in the album's dedication — and how it can both inspire progress and, reflexively, instill group think fear with "the militancy of extremity, the beneficence of untempered ideology, or the divinity of cherished relationships." He warns of "masculine virtue" ("Sovereign Self") and the "misogyny-fueled fever dream" ("Elimination Rhetoric") that brings ruin to humanity. He confronts the void of dark thought ("Inward") as "In the Kingdom of Meaning" fights the urge to give up: "We have sung our anthems of pain / We refuse to exist in our despair / We will find inner sanctum / And so shall we prevail."
"One of my favorite things in Thou is to pick a real extreme point and just hammer away at that, and then pick the other extreme and tear apart whatever I wrote in the previous song," Funck says. "I really like to self-analyze and be as self-critical as I can. I think that's important to a person's individual development."
At this point, Thou's heft is a known, bruising quantity. You come to Thou with expectations of Godzilla-level riffs and incremental subversion of form, but Magus is truly massive — not just in its caustic melancholy, but in how Thou examines the self as a means of transformation. (


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