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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Blogovision 2018: Στο #6 του Γεράσιμου Jon Hopkins - Singularity

In a way, Singularity is the ultimate Jon Hopkins album. It's the one he's wanted to make for the last 15 years, but couldn't until now. The album's big ideas and granular techniques combine in ways that few other artists could imagine, let alone execute. Singularity is often extraordinary; when it's not, its flaws seem to stem from a pursuit of every impulse. The sky is no limit. Immunity, on the other hand, existed within walls, which were to its benefit. Hopkins imagined the album in part as an MDMA-fuelled night out and the comedown that might follow. After the tense highs of "Collider" came the dawn quiet of "Abandon Window." A comparable transition on Singularity, between "Everything Connected" and "Feel First Life," is made to feel seamless, less like a change in circumstance than an ascent onto some higher plane. Some will feel completely immersed in that; others might simply admire it from a distance.(


No. 07. Thou -Magus
No. 08. Chris Carter – Chemistry Lessons Volume 1
No. 09. Throw Down Bones –Two
No. 10. Sumac – Love In Shadow
No. 11. Ancient Methods –The Jericho Records
Νο. 12. Uniform- The Long Walk
No. 13. Terence Fixmer – Through the Cortex
No. 15. Rhys Fulber - Your Dystopia, My Utopia
No. 16. Bambara – Shadow on Everything
No. 17. Unhuman - Devour Wrath Without Shame
No. 18. JK Flesh – New Horizon
No. 19. Adam X – Recon Mission
No. 20. Preoccupations – New Material

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