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Friday, December 7, 2018

Blogovision 2018: Στο #14 του Γεράσιμου, Anna von Hausswolff – Dead Μagic

But the real wonder and power of Dead Magic, taken as a whole, is not how Anna von Hausswolff taps into themes associated with darkness and decay, nor even that she pauses over them for long periods – and certainly in this vein a partial musical lineage may be traced back to experimental rock and post-rock like Swans and to doom metal like Skepticism and Earth – but it is that she is equally adept at finding beauty where beauty is rare. Dead Magic goes into to dark places but also offers paths out of the darkness.(

Check: Full set live Barcelona 31-05-2018, Primavera Sound, Adidas Originals

No. 15. Rhys Fulber - Your Dystopia, My Utopia
No. 16. Bambara – Shadow on Everything
No. 17. Unhuman - Devour Wrath Without Shame
No. 18. JK Flesh – New Horizon
No. 19. Adam X – Recon Mission
No. 20. Preoccupations – New Material

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