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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Blogovision 2021: Στο Νο 7 του Γεράσιμου Dalhous - The Composite Moods Collection Vol.2: Point Blank Range

Dalhous end the 5-year silence with the long awaited follow up to House Number 44, presenting the 2nd volume of The Composite Moods Collection. Point Blank Range reinterprets the established narrative with an inverse look at the proceedings. Taking the “point of view of the disease", the perspective is now turned inside out, revealing an alternate account from the eyes of the photographed subject of House Number 44.

Listeners will be able to decipher nods to long standing soundtrack influences from composers such as Fabio Frizzi, with his use of strikingly bold and haunting melodies, to Tangerine Dream’s distinctively foggy atmospheres. There are moments that evoke the nihilistic drones of Brian Gascoigne, and the more horrific passages of metal clanging ambience from the likes of Chu Ishikawa with his scores.

From opening track 'Transceivers' through to the imploding nature of 'Intramuscular Administration’ Dalhous deliver another psychedelic quasi-visual experience.


No. 8 Ryan Adams - Big Colors 
No. 9 BIG|BRAVE - Vital 
No. 10 Rey Sapienz and the Congo Techno Ensemble - Na Zala Zala 
No. 11 Moin - Moot! 
No. 12 Operant - Traumkörper 
No. 13 Moor Mother – Black Encyclopedia of the Air 
Νο. 14 Converge & Chelsea Wolfe - Bloodmoon: I 
No. 15 Don Zilla - Ekizikiza Mubwengula 
Νο. 16 Restive Plaggona - Restive Plaggona 
Νο. 17 Irreversible Entanglements – Open the Gates 
Νο. 18 Scorn – The Only Place 
Νο. 19 Alexis Marshall - House of Lull House of When 
No. 20 Crystal Geometry - Distressing Visions

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